This is how our service works 

EIZO Nordic AB offers support, service and repairs to our customers using our in-house technicians. When a customer call or send a service request to EIZO Nordic AB, our own technicians will answer or contact the customer. Many issues are solved during this first contact, if not; we will inform the customer about how we will proceed and what kind of service we can offer.

EIZOs LCD monitors are usually covered by a 5 year warranty. Applicable conditions are stated in the warranty terms enclosed with the product.
Click here to read EIZOs general warranty terms on all products

Click here to read EIZO Nordic ABs pixel policy

Failures are often not due to the monitor. Before a client makes a failure report, it is important to verify that the problem is caused by the monitor. Carefully follow the directions under 'troubleshooting' in the user-manual or click on below link;


Pick-Up service is available for warranty service on EIZO products up to three (3) years after purchase. EIZO Nordic AB will arrange the shipping from the customer and control the product directly after receipt.
If the received product is totally free from flaws and damages, except the faults which are covered by the warranty; EIZO Nordic AB will send the client a swap product.
If the received product has minor flaws, damages and faults which are not coverered by warranty, we will only repair the faults which are covered by warranty and then ship the product back to the client. If the product has severe damages which need to be repaired, EIZO Nordic AB will send the client a cost estimate before the repair is carried out.
EIZO Nordic AB will take the cost for the swap product, the service/repair and all the shipping costs, if only warranty faults are repaired.

Send In service is available for products older than three (3) years and for non-warranty service.
EIZO Nordic AB will issue an RMA/SO number, and when the client receives this, they can send the product to EIZO Nordic AB.
The product will be repaired and sent back to the client.
EIZO Nordic AB will take the cost for the service/repair and the shipping cost back to the client if only warranty faults are repaired.
EIZO Nordic AB will send an estimate of cost to the client before any non-warranty repairs are carried out.

To request service, choose one of the links below;

EIZO Medical Monitors
EIZO Other Products

Service request form in Finnish

Consumers are offered a limited 14-day money back quarantee on products purchase through EIZO Nordic ABs webshop. This return right is in accordance with the Swedish 'Consumer law' for web purchases.
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Always check the packages external condition when the goods are received. Goods with shipping damages must be claimed directly to the forwarder (chauffeur, delivery counter) that delivered the goods to you. If a product is damaged and the customer did not make the claim directly to the forwarder, please fill in a 'shipping damage' form. EIZO will thereafter do a shipping damage report to the freight forwarder.

Shippind damage form

EIZO continuously develop and improve their products, with more and better functions.
here for information about compability and for upgrades that is available

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